torsdag den 28. februar 2013

You're every lovely word I could possibly think of!

Pictures: dependswhatdayitis, thesartorialist, weheartit, instagram

I love how simple and classic a white outfit is. It's the perfect colour to wear for all sorts of different occasions! (except at weddings, perhaps..) 

mandag den 25. februar 2013

Orange details

Pictures: 9to5chic, tumblr, Giia

I really like the details and match of colours in these pictures. I spent the entire night watching the Oscar show re-run - an amazing show! I think that Sandra Bullocks black Elie Saab gown was mesmerizing!

fredag den 22. februar 2013


Pictures: thesartorialist, theyallhateus.

I wouldn't mind dressing like this for the rest of the winter! I really have to buy a fur-coat some day...

tirsdag den 19. februar 2013


Pictures: Instagram

I'm a sucker for glamour and I would like to wear one of these for a party this summer. 

søndag den 17. februar 2013


Pictures: Trendycrew, tashsefton, tumblr, theyallhateus

It's all about the details. I think that a great bag, an extraordinary piece of jewellery or a lovely pair of shoes can work miracles on outfits that would otherwise just be  mediocre and tedious. 

fredag den 15. februar 2013

I would...

..really like to wear this outfit today. But unfortunately I think it is a bit to cold.

torsdag den 14. februar 2013

Electric Blue

I'm a huge fan of this electric blue colour. My wardrobe mostly consists of items in fairly neutral colours - black, white and gray. So I like to add a splash of colour to it - especially when the spring is just around the corner! 


onsdag den 13. februar 2013

tirsdag den 12. februar 2013

Before You Act, Listen

Pictures: tumblr, Instagram, weheartit, thesartorialist

Great words from a very wise man! I've tried to make those my rules of living since this new year, and they have proved themselves very effective and beneficiary.

mandag den 11. februar 2013


Pictures: Repossi, Lamodellamafia

I'm a huge fan of Repossi jewellery - especially of the Berbère limited edition collection. It's definitely on the top of my wishlist right now and I think that the earcuff is a perfect item for making a classic and elegant outfit more edgy. 

Get it here. 

søndag den 10. februar 2013

Thinking blue

Pictures: Instagram, thesartorialist, weheartit.

I think that the navy colour above is one of my favourites for a casual everyday outfit. It works every time! 

lørdag den 9. februar 2013

fredag den 8. februar 2013